My Fortieth Birthday

What a great birthday I've had this weekend! It started out on Saturday, the day before my birthday...

A birthday meal

We went for a meal at the Shaandaar Licensed Indian Restaurant on Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, Manchester. 'We' being Me, Jan, Jamie, Steve, Kim, Megan, Graham, Jackie, Thom, Bekki, Paula, Michelle, Chris and Chloe. It was a great meal (even the kids had mild curries) and after we'd all eaten our main meals, the lights suddenly went out and the music stopped. At which point the staff of the restaurant came out from the back with a birthday cake for me, complete with lighted candles (thankfully not 40 of them) and all singing 'Happy Birthday" to me!

Wow! I was knocked out. A little embarassed, true, but it was wonderful. A total surprise. Really, really nice.

The manager of the restaurant Khan, then gave us complementary coffees and ice cream for the kids.

I kept smiling to myself all the way home.

Back home

After the meal, we all piled back to my house for an impromptu party. Various people nipped out for drinks and mixers; as I'm teetotal and Jan doesn't drink often, we don't keep much in the house.

We then spent the rest of the night, through to the early hours of the morning, talking, laughing and listening to music. We all had a thoroughly good time.

A most excellent day!


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Sunday - my birthday

I was woken by Jamie wishing me a happy birthday about 8:45. I went downstairs to be greeted by Jan and Paula (who'd stayed the night). They'd decorated the house with balloons and banners. There were cards and presents waiting for me.

After lunch the rest of the family came round with more cards and presents. We spent the afternoon playing on the playstation, watching DVDs, playing outside and more talking and laughing. Jan laid on a cold buffet for tea and I had another birthday cake!

Another wonderful day! And a thoroughly good weekend.

I count myself very lucky to have such great family and friends.


I got some wonderful presents:

I've still got one more present to come! Apparently it didn't arrive in time.


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