Privacy and Website Cookies

To make sure that our website is as useful as possible we sometimes need to use cookies to help us gather information about how our website visitors use this site.

What are cookies?

A cookie (web cookie, or browser cookie) is a small file (or a small piece of data) which your computer stores when you visit a website. This website uses these files for a number of things but mainly to track which pages you visit on the website and what you are searching for. In some cases cookies also help in any interaction between you and the website, such as when using social media such as facebook and twitter.

For a more details read more about cookies on Wikipedia.

How does use cookies?

We actively use cookies to record how our visitors use and browse around our website. This helps us figure out which pages are popular and which are not; and lets us know where we need to improve and what services we may need to promote or update.

To help us do this we use the popular Google Analytics system which shows us what our most popular sections are, what our users type into Google to find us and how effective our news and advertising campaigns are.  Note this information is essentially anonymous. Google analytics records your IP address, but we don’t use that beyond assuming a visit from the same IP address in the same session is the same person. We also use a WordPress specific statistics plugin provided via This provides less detailed (but still useful) information about the pages you visit, and the searches you used to find us.

We use other types of cookies sparingly and only when needed. For example the comment form on our news articles uses cookies to save you having to type your name and email address repeatedly.

What do these cookies look like?

If you check your web browser settings for the cookies that our site has stored on your computer you should see:

Cookie Name Purpose Cookie Identifier
Google Analytics Tracks how you use our website, which areas you visit and how you found our website. Also tells us about how you accessed our site (if you used a mobile or PC) and how long you spent reading information __utma
__utmz statistics Tracks how you use our website, which pages you visit and how you found our website. __qca
News comments Used when you comment on any of our news articles or blog posts. comment_author_

Other ways you browser receives cookies via our website

As we integrate with popular websites like FacebookTwitter and Google+ it is important to note that these sites may also use cookies of their own which may sometimes be stored even though you are visiting our website.

For more information on these cookies you should view the respective privacy polices for each of these sites:

Questions and queries

If you have any further queries about how our website uses cookies then feel free to contact us.