zed [n] The 26th letter of the Roman alphabet; "the British call Z zed but Americans call it zee"

Welcome To Zed1.com

Hi, welcome to zed1.com the personal website of Mike Little.

Mike LittleWho is Mike Little?
I am a forty-something software developer and all round geek living with my family in Stockport, England.
I have been messing about with computers for a very long time. You can read my resume or Curriculum Vitae on-line
I am passionate about what I do and the projects I work on. I am particular about standards and "doing the right thing." I am currently learning all I can about usability, accessibility, and information architecture.

A couple of years ago I helped Matt Mullenweg start a little project which became known as WordPress. More recently I have co-authored a book "Building Online Communities With Drupal, PhpBB, and WordPress" published by Apress. The book should be in the stores now. The book is also available to buy in ebook form.

You can find my not-very-frequently updated online journal Mike Little's Journalized on the site. I also have an on-line gallery

I have encouraged various members of my family to keep blogs (all WordPress of course); some of which are hosted on the sister site to this one, zed1.net. You can find some of them listed elsewhere on this page.

I am always looking for interesting projects to be involved in. You can contact me by various means, most of which are listed on my my contact page.