Welcome to zed1.com

zed1.com is a web development company specializing in WordPress-based web site solutions. Services offered include site development, site setup, custom themes, custom plugins, support, and consultancy.

zed1.com is run by Mike Little, one of the founding developers of the WordPress project.

In 2003 I co-founded the WordPress project with Matt Mullenweg and have worked with WordPress ever since. I have more than 20 years of experience in software development and believe WordPress is a great solution to a range of website needs from personal blogs to sophisticated e-commerce sites.

— Mike Little


Some of the services offered by zed1.com:

  • Creation – We’ll create you a WordPress-based web site or blog from your design that you can maintain yourself.
  • Migration – We’ll move your existing site to WordPress without breaking old links
  • Modification – We can modify a plugin or theme, write a custom plugin for you, or create specialised code to do just what you want.

We also do things that don’t end in ‘ation’ like upgrading, troubleshooting, supporting and hosting. Please browse the site for more information on the services we offer, and discover what we can do for you.
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